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Chocolate Hand & Body Scrubs

4 Apr

Chocolate Hand & Body Scrubs

Craft it, quick! I just had an itch to make these Chocolate Hand & Body Scrubs today. Perhaps I shouldn’t have because my living room looks worse than if a storm had blown through it. Believe me, I’d know. We’ve had several thunderstorms in the past couple of days and it seriously looks neater outside of my house than inside it. I guess that’s what happens when you have toddlers. Ha!

I obviously re-used a few baby food jars, so please excuse the not-so-cute caps. Ideally, I would like to paint them or cover them with a cute cloth, but I will have to settle for leaving the lids as is. Otherwise, I will never finish this project.

Well, I’d better try to be a productive citizen of my home now. I just felt like I had to get these done before the weekend comes so I can gift them to some friends.

~ Maria


Not-so-brown paper package tied-up with string

29 Mar
All tied up with string

This not-so-brown paper package tied-up with string was sent to font author James T. Edmondson.

The James T. Edmondson project is finally done. Woo! Success. I received feedback from James and he said he loves his hat and wears it all the time in the cool of San Francisco. Yep, San Francisco can be a little cool–I visited there once and I can remember a bit of a chill in the Bay air. I’ve probably mentioned it a bajillion times on social media now, but if you haven’t heard; James is the creator of the font, Lavanderia. Lavanderia is the cool-looking script font you see on the KnitStitchery logo.

The honeycomb pattern eventually won my internal debate. It was either that or a horseshoe cable pattern. My husband wasn’t too thrilled about the honeycomb, but it wasn’t his hat. I thought the pattern would be perfect with the gray yarn. When the hat isn’t stretched out, the stitches look deep and grooved; but when it is worn, it makes a subtle trellis-like pattern. I thought the hat’s overall look was classic and masculine.

When worn, the Honeycomb cables stretch out to a trellis-like pattern.

When worn, the Honeycomb cables stretch out to a trellis-like pattern. I have a smaller head, so the top stitches don’t look as stretched out.

I was adamant about doing the honeycomb pattern, and thankfully so. My tenacity kept me going during the many times I had to back-track on this hat. Finally, I found the offending extra stitch and that made my knitting smooth sailing from there. Unfortunately, when I was done and putting the finishing touches on this hat, I accidentally snipped a stitch at the bottom. Ack! Anyone who knits knows what a pain it is to have to re-do the ribbing at the bottom. But I suppose it was for the best, as I had started out with a 1×1 rib at the bottom, but decided to make it into a 2×2 rib instead. I think it turned out nicely, don’t you?

A close-up picture of the Honeycomb Hat for James T. Edmondson

A close-up picture of the Honeycomb Hat with the 2×2 ribbing.

So, lesson learned. If you keep having to re-do your rows, there just might be a wrong stitch somewhere.

The finished productHoneycomb Hat for James T. Edmondson

The finished product
Honeycomb Hat for James T. Edmondson

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