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Not a Cobbler

23 Oct

I am not a Cobbler; therefore, my children have shoes. I am a knitter (crafter, whatever…) and the old adage just doesn’t apply in my situation. In fact, the opposite is true in my household. Take my baby girl for example. She has a multitude of those flower headbands I sell.

Here’s one:

G with her purple and pink flower headband

Here’s another one:



She has a couple more headbands, and a couple of pink flower clips. Unfortunately, she doesn’t share the same excitement as I do about having hair accessories on her head. She doesn’t like to be fussed with. These pictures? It might have just taken as much talent to take these as it did to make them.

At least my little guy is more willing to wear my creations. He will even put on his hat himself.


Even Mr. Snowman likes to keep warm in one of my scarves.

That blue and brown scarf is actually Mr. KnitStitchery’s aka my hubby’s. It has fringe at the end, but he decided he’d like to braid them instead. Funny guy. I love that scarf, it’s so long and knitted in a beautiful basket weave. Little S’s scarf is pretty long as well (short enough for a little guy, long enough to grow into), and made in seed stitch. His hat has cables throughout and has a pom-pom on top.

I was thinking that this upcoming year, I can make things with me and my family in mind. Perhaps I would be more inspired and more productive that way. Except, I think that if I did that, I might even be more tempted than now to keep my wares instead of selling them. Which is what happened to this flower dishcloth.

KnitStitchery flower dish cloth

KnitStitchery flower dish cloth

I just had to have it in my kitchen. Anyway, I have to test it, right?

~ Maria


Blessed by pictures

15 Sep

It just might be my nostalgic side, but I really like to have professional photography done of my children. Well, our whole family, really; but especially of my children. I was practically begging my husband to be able to get them done by a certain company with my firstborn, but my hubby is the practical…errr…the un-nostalgic, $$$ man. I suppose that’s not really a bad thing. Someone has to keep my head out of the clouds, right?

Anyway, we did end up getting some “professional” photos of our firstborn because someone had given us windfall money to do so. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the pictures that much and to this day, I still wish I was able to do it with the company I had originally had in mind. But I will veer off from this story right now, as it might set off a slew of typed complaints.

For my second child, I of course wanted to have some pro photos done. We, of course, didn’t have the funds to do it again this time. We didn’t get any cash to spend for it this time, but in all honesty, I was just hoping that we will have plenty of pictures from our family. Well, even that idea is still proving to be a bust.

So my daughter’s first birthday was coming around and I honestly think that sometime around then I was thinking about how nice it would be to have some professional photos done since she never got any from when she was a newborn (or thereafter at that time). I was even thinking about a smash cake photo op.

Enter this lady from my mom’s group.

She happens to be a photographer, and from the previews that I saw of our shoot, is a very good one at that. I am so thankful and feel very blessed for my daughter to have been able to do a smash-cake photo shoot with her…for FREE! She was trying to get some smash cake photos for her promo cards and I just happened to be able to be the first person to respond to her post. I feel so blessed to be able to have professional smash-cake photos of my little gal, and am thankful she took pics of my little guy and me, too. I feel that God really answered a prayer and desire of my heart. I know that it’s a luxury to have professional photos, and to some, it is quite a piddly thing; and so I feel even more blessed at that thought.

p.s. I am still awaiting my copy of the pictures, and am yet unsure if I will be posting them (hence no pics with this post).


17 Jan

KnitStitchery is about a knitting, crocheting and sewing business specializing in cute hats and scarves for toddlers, infants and even adults. The designs lend themselves a bit on the contemporary. Though designs may be cute, they are still fresh and modern–something you and your children can definitely wear everyday or for a special occasion. I will be featuring matching kids and adult sets so be on the look out for them!!

Knitted and crocheted (eco-friendly) dishcloths, scrubbers and bath poufs will also be for sale.

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